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Diverse Children’s Bookmarks

Diverse children’s bookmarks allow the child in your life to dream big whilst they enjoy exploring the amazing worlds that they read about. If your child is an avid bookworm, a bookmark gift will make their day, especially one that represents people who look just like them.

These children’s bookmarks come in a range of designs that are fun, bright, and vivid. They feature empowering and motivating slogans that encourage them to read, learn and thrive.#

There is a range of different themes, from footballers to basketball players, encouraging pride in themselves and a passion to grow, learn and lead. When you browse these children’s bookmarks, you will find items that represent black, brown, and mixed-race children in a positive and celebratory light.


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Zehra - Readers today... - Black Girls Bookmarks | Fefus designs


Yiesha - Leader Read - Black Girls Bookmarks | Fefus designs


Yasmin - Girls Leaders Read - Multicultural Kids Bookmarks | Fefus designs


V1 - Leaders Read - Black Boys Bookmarks | Fefus designs


Talib - Brown Boy Joy - Mixed Race kids Bookmarks | Fefus designs


Reading Changes Everything - Multicultural Girls Bookmarks | Fefus designs


Read To Know - Multicultural Girls Bookmarks | Fefus designs


Personalised Girls Bookmark by Fefus Designs