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Water Bottles

Water Bottles Branded With Diverse Characters

Our water bottles branded with diverse characters will help your child stand out at school and be the envy of all their friends. Featuring fun and inspiring black, brown and mixed-race characters, the water bottles on sale here are created using bright and bold designs to inspire and empower children. 

Whether they use them at school, at home, on days out, or all three, your child will love seeing themselves represented on their water bottle. We all know the importance of drinking enough water and now you can make it an even more empowering activity, with water bottles branded with children who look like your kid and their friends.

These water bottles on sale are ideal gifts that the child in your life can carry around with them at all times, taking inspiration from them whenever they take a swig.


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This Melanin Boy Magic Aluminium Water Bottle from Fefus Designs will have your little superhero feeling as strong and captivating as they are! Crafted from durable and lightweight aluminium, this water bottle is perfect for school, sports, and outdoor adventures. Plus, the awesome design featuring three brown superheroes and "Melanin Magic" will have them radiating confidence and embracing their melanin beauty! Superpowers not included, but fun and unique style is!

Melanin Boy Magic Aluminium Water Bottle | Fefus Designs


[Premium Quality Artistic Apparel For Teens & Greeting Cards Online]-Fefus Designs

DEJA - Fashionista Ankara Aluminium Water Bottle | Fefus Designs


Kyrese - Boys Football Aluminium Water Bottle | Fefus Designs


4 Brown Girls Aluminium Water Bottle | Fefus Designs


Boy Joy Sprinkels Aluminium Water Bottle | Fefus Designs


Melanin Girl Magic Biracial Fairy Water Bottle | Empowering Aluminium Hydration | Fefus Designs