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My Tips for the Best Black Owned Businesses for Children

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My Tips for the Best Black Owned Businesses for Children

Fefus Designs is all about inclusivity and representation, which are such key themes for my brand. And with that in mind, I wanted to use this blog to share some of my other favourite black owned businesses for children.


These are companies who are doing great things and blazing a trail. Businesses who provide a range of amazing kids’ items that I know you will love. It’s the time of year when we can decide to direct our custom towards the faceless corporations or help support brilliant independents do their thing. If you are starting your Christmas shopping, consider looking up these fine black owned businesses for children first. 


Best Black Owned Businesses for Children

Nia Ballerina

Sharon McBean, founder and director of Nia Ballerina, took the inspiration for her range of ballet-related music boxes, clothing, dolls, puzzles and more from her daughter. She loved ballet, but Sharon couldn’t find music boxes with images of black ballerinas anywhere.

So she decided to make her own and has been on a huge journey to get to a point where she is selling these beautiful items on both sides of the Atlantic with amazing success. The company has flourished to embrace so many amazing ballet-related items that your children will love.


Woke Babies

Another of my favourite black owned businesses for children is Woke Babies. The company sends out a monthly box with age and understanding-appropriate black children’s books as well as games and activities that will keep them entertained and inspired, as well as providing real educational value.

These boxes are hugely popular with children, families, nurseries and schools, and they make a perfect gift too.



Amaris & Chaya

Amaris & Chaya is a company that creates gorgeous diverse dolls as well as positive kids room decor. This includes affirmation cushions that provide supportive messages to help your children live their best lives. 

I love the mindset of this business, looking to promote not only diversity but also positivity and wellbeing for children. Owner Temi started the business to provide dolls that truly represented her daughter Amaris, but also to reverse some of the exclusionary feelings Temi had from her own childhood, when black children couldn’t find toys that reflected them and their lives. 


Biankha and Friends

There was a similar story behind Biankha and Friends too. Charlotte Francis noticed a shortage in the availability of ethnic dolls in high street stores for her daughter. Coupled with the low morale and self-esteem she witnessed amongst the young girls of colour that she worked with, she sought a solution.

Charlotte created Biankha, a multi-faceted young woman of black/African heritage. She hopes the doll will encourage the learning of black history, science, entrepreneurship, natural black beauty, black love and spirituality through play. 


Imagine Me Stories

Every month, you can get hold of amazing diverse books, as well as black history activities, each month with Imagine Me Stories’ inspiring box for children between the ages of 0-12. The company states that only 2% of UK children’s books contain a black main character and so it makes it a mission to introduce kids to a diverse range of books. 

Not only do these books help children with seeing themselves represented, they can also learn about black history and African culture with activities.


Black History Activity Books

Black History Activity Books began as a black owned business for children because of the lack of black history being taught in the education system and at home. The books are designed to inspire and educate young people on some of the greatest figures in history. They use a series of puzzles and activities to stimulate the minds of the reader whilst aiding them to learn in a fun and exciting way.

The company creates books, but also clothing mugs and merchandise to inspire learning about famous black figures in history. 



Other Black Owned Businesses for Children? 

Do you know of any other great black owned businesses for children? I always want to find out about other entrepreneurs doing exciting things in the name of representation, so let me know about your favourites. And, if you want to find products that promote representation, look at my Shop. 

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