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At Fefus Designs, our mission is to provide you with children’s gift ideas for those who are traditionally underrepresented.

We believe that children of all colours deserve to see themselves reflected in the things they love. That's why we create high-quality greeting cards, gifts, and art that feature diverse characters. These personalised gifts provide an alternative to the other presents the child in your life will receive, giving you a real point of difference!

History of Fefus Designs

Fiona Morrison founded Fefus Designs in 2018. She wanted to foster a more inclusive environment for children and teens by offering products that reflect their experiences. The name Fefus was Fiona's childhood nickname, which she uses as a homage to her own childhood and all of the little Fionas who didn't see people who looked like them reflected in their media, fashion and popular characters.

The sad fact is that this situation is still very much the case and this is why Fefus Designs exists, to help you find children’s gift ideas for those from a diverse range of backgrounds.


Fiona’s background

Fiona is based in Bristol and is a freelance illustrator with many years of experience working with authors, retailers and art projects. As well as collecting crystals, Fiona’s passion is striving for representation for all children, which has inspired the personalised gifts and clothes that she has designed for this website.

Want children’s gift ideas that represent your kids?

Fefus Designs offers children of colour a choice when it comes to the clothes they wear and the accessories they use on a day-to-day basis. We passionately believe that this should no longer be seen as a privilege, but as a right and as an expectation whenever you look for children’s gifts.

We are leading the way and we would love you to join in.